Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sweet Bunnies

Easter preparations were in full swing at our house last week. The big kids and I dyed eggs,

and then, after the kids were asleep, Tema and I molded chocolate bunnies. When I mentioned this to a friend, she said "Now, honey, if the situation were reversed and I just told you that I'd stayed up late making candies for my children because I wanted to make sure they were scarfing down good quality chocolate on Easter morning, I hope that you would be a good enough friend to suggest I discuss this with a therapist." Ha! I totally take her point, but it made me realize that I forgot to describe the most important piece of this process: it was fun!

Stirring the chocolate as it melted in my double boiler made me feel like a benevolent witch. As my husband and I debated techniques for glopping chocolate into the molds. we reveled in the frivolity of our conversation. How often as parents do we get to spar over something as silly as methods for pouring melted chocolate?

Do I think my kids noticed how cute their chocolates were? Not really, but it made me happy anyway.

And then I made an apricot bunny cake for desert.

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